Bob'n'Yoz Get Married

the real story



it's another day on the set of "Bride of Yozenstein"


Miki escorting Avrom to their brother Yoz's wedding.
Yoz's younger brother Avrom has so far never been captured
on film, but if you look carefully you can just about make
out his shadow.


On the top of Yoz's  to do list was to save Bob from the Walrus, but with all the
confusion about the wedding, he must have forgotten.


The men from 'Beards R Us' rejoice that after all the planning
they will finally be rid of two of their offspring.



Having discovered that after all they were not actually able
to organise a piss-up in the Brewery, the three men wonder if they will be missed
as they make their way into the Rat and Parrot.


As Bob prayed with extra Kavonnoh she grew so holy that a light shone out of her head.


Ooh, here's a note from Yoz saying that he will only marry me if I cover my hair, well that's OK then.


I've got such a short memory, tell me quick, is this one Bob?


Yoz deliberated, should he let her finish the book, or should they get married?
It was a tough call.


Our sages of blessed memory, in their wisdom and with a precognition of Bob's hairdo,
decreed that the groom should cover his beloved's hair with a veil.


Yoz's degree in sub-atomic veiling particles stood him in good stead.


It was unfortunately just at that moment that they decided to beam Yoz up to the spaceship


Thankfully, Yoz's younger brother is able to take his place.
Alan and Shim look closely at him but do not notice the switch.


Luckily Moss Bros do a great line in Kittels.



Think this is all conspiracy theory? Confused?  Don't be.  All will be revealed shortly on this website. 

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